Poison Heart

Poison Heart was founded 2010. Our music can be described as elegant Punk'n'Roll with clear influences of Hard Rock and Punk Rock. We are under the constant influence of Gluecifer, Motorhead, The Hellacopters, Peter Pan speedrock, Mustasch and many others from different areas of Rock & Roll... After four years of existence and changes in our band we have a crew:

Jacek Barton – voice
Paweł Kozicki – lead guitar
Kamil "Sontek" Sontowski – guitar
Jacek Bartnik – bass
MIchał Wróblewski – drums

At the turn of 2011 and 2012, the number of good gigs happened and amongst the others ones with the American punk rock scene legends: Turbo A.C.’s, Reno Divorce & Street Dogs.
On 22 June 2012 premiere of “Goin’ On” demo took place, demo recorded at Mustache Ministry Studio by Marcin “Klima” Klimczak, along with the Release Party where besides Poison Heart: The Stubs, Burnin’ Hearts i Warsaw Dolls bands gave good gig.
In August 2013 we big concert on Summer Riot Open Air Festival together with: Cock Sparrer, Dezerter, TZN Xenna

In summer 2013 we signed a contract with American label: Zodiac Killer Records, in March 2014 we released the first full-length album “WASTED”.

2014 it is a very welcomed tour over Germany and a few good gigs in Poland, including the one with Nashville Pussy and Bomb The World.

2014 December’s edition of Polish Metal Hammer places review of our ‘WASTED’ CD – strong 4/5!!!

During 2015 – tour with VCPS through Poland and new material recorded in Serakos Studio.

New release with Zodiac Killer Records in January 2016!!